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Some men may wonder what happens on a call to a direct dial line if they have never called one before. Many are only used to calling a girl through a phone sex company, where they get set up with the company and are then patched through to the girl of their choosing.

Many companies though also have the operators take down the clients billing information. Some men may be worried about privacy or confidentiality giving some girl on the phone their real name and credit card information.

Well, I'll put it as simply as this. An operator would be pretty dumb to misuse that information or share it with anyone. This is a confidential business. If a girl misused that information, she would be opening herself up for fraud charges.

What happens when you call the first time? I will ask you to please be patient with me, first of all! There is an online web form from the biller that needs to be filled out. It requires first and last name, your phone number, email address and credit card number. I fill in the number of minutes you wish to purchase, and then I hit a submit button.

It goes directly to the biller site and I see either approved or declined. If approved, we commence with our call. If declined, it's call me back after your bill is paid.......

Rest assured, your info is safe with me. I value ones privacy, and do not share my computer with anyone and all info submitted to the biller is encrypted. I have no desire to be charged with fraud, so I conduct myself professionally.

These are the methods of payment you may choose from:

1. US Callers - Credit card-The charge will appear as "CC Services" .

2. International Callers - Credit card-The charge will appear as Web-Tokens.com

3. Interac email money transfers (For Canadian clients) and the Canadian dollar will be accepted at par.

For Canadian clients, the Interac email money transfer is the best possible method. Your identity is not revealed, and I get 100% of proceeds.

No, I do NOT use PayPal for calls. That is against their terms of service to use it for adult services.

I also offer call backs. If you would rather me call you, than you call me, I can certainly do that as well. I will also take International Money Orders. If you are interested in mailing them to pre pay for time, email me and I will send you my P.O. Box address. CALLS WILL BE PAID FOR BEFORE THEY COMMENCE.

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